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10 Angry Birds games to play online

Angry Birds

Around the world there are only two kinds of people: those who like Angry Birds and those who don't know yet. The download of this game for tablets, smartphones and desktops is paid, but he also has free versions for the web, including some specially made to promote products.

The game Angry Birds is done in HTML 5 and works in Chrome 16+, Firefox 8+, Safari 5+ for Mac and Internet Explorer 9+. If you find in flash, can not have been done by the Rovio.

1. Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons

2. Slingshot

Angry Birds The Big Setup

3. Angry Birds on Google Plus

Angry Birds on Google Plus
  • Link: plus.google.com/games/play/971508122032
  • Being a social network, have the funny of to see how many points did your friends, try to overcome them, see who was the best at each stage, etc.
  • It does not have the option of fullscreen.

4. Angry Birds Friends on Facebook

Angry Birds Friends
  • Link: apps.facebook.com/angrybirds
  • The name of the game says it all: a great championship of Angry Birds with all your friends on the largest social network of the world.
// Promoted games //

If any of the versions below has stopped working when you try to enter, not insult me, just leave a comment telling.

5. Angry Birds of Fuji TV

Angry Birds of Fuji TV
  • Link: fujitv.angrybirds.com
  • It has Angry Birds and Angry Birds Season, the difference is that the characters in the game use Japanese typical costumes.
  • It does not have the fullscreen option neither to save your points.

6. Angry Birds Volcano

Angry Birds Volcano
  • Link: fazer.angrybirds.com
  • Fazer is a Finnish brand of industrialized food. They have their own game to publicize the jelly beans line with the characters of Angry Birds. The most recent release is the flavor Volcano, that gives name to the game.
  • It doesn't have the fullscreen option.

7. Angry Birds Wonderful Pistachios

Angry Birds Wonderful Pistachios
  • Link: getcrackin.angrybirds.com
  • Another game made especially to promote a product. Wonderful Pistachios is of the brand Get Crackin from California.
  • It does not have the option of fullscreen neither save your score.

8. Angry Birds Telepizza

Angry Birds Telepizza
  • Link: telepizza.angrybirds.com
  • Website done to promote Telepizza.es, a Spanish pizza delivery.
  • It doesn't have the fullscreen option neither save your score.

9. Angry Birds Heikki

Angry Birds Heikki
  • Link: heikki.angrybirds.com
  • A partnership between Angry Birds and the pilot Heikki Kovalainen resulted in this very cool game, that is my favorite among the sponsors. So you try to play it asks if you want to register, then your score is always saved.
  • It does not have the option of fullscreen.

10. Angry Birds Coca-Cola

Angry Birds Coca-Cola

Calmly because it's in Chinese and requires registration. Then follows a basic tutorial.

As you enter the site, click on the tab right of the red box and fill in the order:

  • Email.
  • Password.
  • Password again.
  • New username.
Join Angry Birds Coca-Cola

Check the smaller option if you want to be remembered in the next access. The option with two lines of text asks if you want to receive emails from Rovio, probably in Mandarin. Click the red button with white border to register. On the next screen, just click on the button that has a bottle of Coca-Cola to play this exclusive version.

Jogar no Angry Birds Coca-Cola

► Angry Birds Rio #fake #flash

Angry Birds Rio fake and flash

► Other links:

Have fun!

I'm brazilian and this is a translate exercise. Original here.

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