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10 free sites to practice English

How many words

To learn formally a language, nothing replaces a classroom with a good teacher correcting, all the time, ours mistakes in pronunciation, spelling, reading, grammar…

To reach fluency, nothing replaces the interaction with native speakers, because we need to think like them to be fully understood.

But if missing the time, money or simply need to keep daily contact with the language, the internet has good options for Lusophone:

BBC Brasil - Aprenda Inglês
Practice your English and increase your vocabulary reading and listening news. Very interesting!
Domine Inglês
The website teach mostly phrasal verbs.
English Experts
Many tips, most of them with audio to demonstrate the pronunciation. I really like when the website teaches expressions of series.
English Speak
Dialogues in English with audio, text in English and Portuguese translation.
Inglês Online
Many tips on podcast and texts.
A social network to study languages with crowdlearning. You can, for example, teach Portuguese and earn credits to learn English.
Meu Inglês
Make a level test and earn three lessons.
Tecla SAP
A lot of tips of translation and pronunciation. Great mostly for learn idiomatic expressions and false friends.
Using English
Multiple English tests, inclusive of writing, to you discover where need to improve.
Word Dynamo
This website teaches new words and have games to test your vocabulary.

Taking the English seriously

Dictionary of English

Since Muzzy, to study English have been a big funny to me. In my autodidacticism I learn much and no doubt more than a few people who paid years of expensive courses, but the missing of method and regularity made ​​me learn only what interested me and acquired several vices of speaking, writing and even interpretation.

Now, more than 20 years later, I'm determined to finally take seriously the English as my second language. I come back to frequent classroom and practice translation and writing, I want to improve my results in public procurement and pass certification exams. Now, my idiomatic hobbies are Spanish, Italian and French. English starts to be job, as already is the Portuguese.

See ya!

I'm brazilian and this is a translate exercise. Original here.

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