terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

HTMHelen in English

Practice my english writing is a need for me since 22 years ago, but I had much lazy when I thought in this. In the case of the other languages (non portuguese), I have great pleasure to read and almost none to produce. But I finally found a motivation: to publish a english version of my blog that I love so much.

Sometimes I can to translate old posts, but the deal is ever to publish two versions of my texts frow now.

I don't know if in the begin the posts in English will be understandable. The idea is precisely to improve and it is the motive to choice the blog: as soon I'm going to do my best to be understanded by readers.

See ya!

Imagem: www.wordspin.dk

Sorry for my bad english. I'm brazilian and this is a translate exercise. Original here.

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